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Prowling Panther Beach

10 minutes - HD video
A group of us leave the main beach party event and head south along the rugged wind-swept coast to explore the cliffs, caves and surf-carved channels. It's an amazing playground but there is also a cold breeze whipping up ocean spray. We got some nice photos and video though.

On-camera: Claudia, Katgirl, Taylor, Mr. No Pants, Stina, RestlessOwl, Paul, Dionysus, Isobel, Ruby, Manny, Micah, Lila, Ty, Stephane, Katrina
bubbles with nudists
panther beach
Prowling Panther Beach      10 minutes - HD video
A Body-Freedom Day side exploration

After doing a number of group photo creative explorations on Panther Beach, See Event 14, a group of us trekked south to explore the interesting but somewhat dangerous topography. To even start the journey you have to climb a rock wall, which is challenging for some people. We had a step ladder ready, which you can see at the end of the video.

Once most people made it to the plateau we headed south about a half mile. It was cold and windy! For a while the group cowered with good spirits in a small beach cove. A few brave souls ventured out, which produced some nice images. Eventually Nomad got everyone moving again to make the walk worthwhile.

the group has found a spot out of the wind

nudists brave the edge of the cold ocean

beautiful landscape at the south end
See this video on Vimeo!
nude group hikes the coast by Panther Beach
pondering whether it is too cold to be naked
she cannot get into the water
reclining on rock while photographer takes aim
cold wind blows her blue scarf
naked club hides from the cold
on the beach rolling in the sand
naturists explore the sea shore
they clamber along the rocky shore
without clothing at panther beach

Prowling Panther Beach

Prowling Panther Beach