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Garden of Eden

50 minutes - HD video
Hike down into the valley, back to a time when humans did not wear clothes. Where are we? The Garden of Eden, of course. Surrounded by the beauty of rushing water and tall redwoods, this group of Santa Cruz friends has a delicious day of free naked abandon.

On-camera: Kris, Mari, Alice, Charles, Japhy, Anya, Luna
bubbles with nudists
Garden of Eden      50 minutes - HD video
Back to Nature on the San Lorenzo River

Just north of Santa Cruz, California, is a lovely valley that follows the San Lorenzo River. Our small group has arrived and parked at one of the entrance points where there is a trail running down through the extensive redwood forest. We head down the pleasant trail, stopping here and there to observe a birds nest or other highlight. The gurgling sound of the river below beckons us.

This particular spot has had the nickname "Garden of Eden" for many years because of the primal beauty of the place and the primal beauty of the many nude bodies often found here. The actual spot signed "Garden of Eden" has, over the years, become dominated by those who prefer to hide their bodies. One only needs to go further downstream to find a private place. Which is exactly what we did.

We come to a nice spot with a bit of sand, almost a small beach, drop our bags and start to undress. What a relief to free our nude bodies to the fresh air and sunshine! Luna helps Alice get sunscreen on her back, then shows off, doing her own back with yogic flexibity! mean while, eager to see someone get in the water, Kris pushes Mari into the cold river! What a spash and shreak!

Soon everyone is braving the refreshing river, swimming in the pool where the flow slows down, or climbing over the rocks by the cascading waterfalls. Soon Kris and Mari are playing frisbee which Luna and Alice each tempt the photographers by draping their bodies over the rocks. Anya dunks her head and comes up spraying water all around. This gives Spencer the idea to get a few people to do this at the same time. The results are spectacular. Kirs and Charles watch with amusement.

Time for a little break, drying off and warming up in the sun. This really is a nudist heaven. Alice does a little dance in a spotlight of sunlight, using a scarf and the breeze as her partner.

Anya and Japhy cuddle on a round river rock while Kris and Mari toss a football back and forth... difficult because you cannot run to catch in the rocky river. Up for a challenge, we try to get as many people as possible standing next to each other on a large rock. This produces some great photo ops... bodies pressing together struggling to stay balanced.

Oh, look. Luna is climbing the hanging branch of a tree. She's like a hairless monkey swinging around up there! This inspires us to go for a walk in the forest, this time, with nothing but foot protection between us and the natural environment. It is a new growth redwood forest, perhaps having been logged many years ago. Still it is now very untamed.

Alice and luna lie down in what looks like a a whole lot of clover in the cool shady forest. Very sensual images! After circling around through groves of trees we head back down to the river edge.

Now that the sun is getting lower in the sky the oppunity to create some fantastic pictures is before us. We allow everyone to create their own body arrangements, letting the place, this garden of eden provide the inspiration and guidance. We become one with the round rocks, that are shaped not unlike our bodies. We feel the flow of the rushing water, like time, carrying us through our lives moment by moment.

Luna does a hand stand in the middle of the river. Others lie sleepily on the stones, bodies crossing over each other.

One final group photo of everyone draped over a large stone. Then it's time to return to our little beach and start getting ready to leave. Alice performs a final sun salutation and gestures "namaste" to the beauty and wonder of this place and the free-body experience of the day.

doing a hand stand au naturel
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lying on the cool rocks is nudist heaven
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Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden