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Smooth Sailing

33 minutes - HD video
Sailing out from Sausalito, these clothes-free mariners explore the San Francisco Bay with the wind in their hair and the rest of their bodies too. Swimming in the ocean, dancing in the cabin, climbing the mast to get some amazing photos...

On-camera: Svetik, Kiki, Brian, Hannah, Gen, Meredith, Andrew, Yaqui, JBoy, Liz -- Video by Nomad, editing by Ian
bubbles with nudists
panther beach
Smooth Sailing      33 minutes - HD video
Cruising naked on a yacht on San Francisco Bay

Launching from the marina in Sausalito, California, our crew sails out into the San Francisco Bay to experience naked freedom on the deck of a large sailboat.

While the yacht is cruising away, out of eye-sight of the town, Gen tells us about her plans for a "Naked Peace Parade" in Ashland, Oregon. Hannah, Kiki and Yaqui improvise a rap version of "Summertime".

Soon it is time to shed the outer layers and enjoy the fresh breeze on our skin. The hammock on deck is a popular place to hang out as is the bow, where one can lean over and pretend to be on the Titanic. Soon five of us are climbing on the bow, on the edge of being tossed into the ocean.

Liz arrives in her small powerboat and circles the yacht taking photos. She gets some great shots of everyone climbing up on the bow.

We have fun taking photos of each other, finding creative ways to interact with parts of the yacht, climbing around here and there. Clothed mariners pass by in their boats and wave to us grinning and jealous of our freedom.

At one point a police boat comes by to do a safety check (not on video) and everyone stays below deck. Soon music and dancing takes over. Once the police are gone we come out finally decided we're going to try swimming in the extremely cold water. A few brave souls plunge in and claim "it's not so bad!"

All in all, a beautiful afternoon cruise. Join us next time!

The entire trip was covered with hundreds of photos which can be seen in our photo gallery of that trip.

Within view of the Golden Gate Bridge but it was too windy to continue that way.

Kiki squeezes against the cabin window.

Anchored by Angel Island enjoying the calm water.
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Gen was the first to take her clothes off.
high view of the yacht nudist deck
The boat deck is a good place to enjoy the sunshine.
The hammock provides a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
below deck sunscreen is applied
happy to get out of the frigid water
Svetik enjoys swinging nude in the hammock.
getting nude together
ready for skinny dipping
a comfotable boat

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing