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Backyard Bash

30 minutes - HD video
This time we are staying in the city for a backyard party! Andrew's place has a high fence, green lawn and landscaped garden, not to mention a hot tub! We kept busy with yoga, juggling, eating, water fights, trampoline bouncing and other creative body expressions.

On-camera: Taz, Rypsynique, Simon, Taylor, Mr. No Pants, Kelsey, SaraKay, Lisa, Yosef, Talyn, Yaqui
bubbles with nudists
Backyard Bash      30 minutes - HD video
A nudist yard party in Lafayette California

Everyone has arrived at this unassuming house in the middle of suburbia. From the outsite no one would ever suspect a nudist party was happening on the other side of the fence. Already clothes are not to be seen anywhere. We are warming up for the day with a little yoga, except there is no yoga teacher so we have to instruct each other with whatever we know or remember.

The day of fun starts with some juggling lessons. Juggling is as difficult as it looks. But Lisa looks like she knows something about it. Yaqui tries it for the first time and soon has the hang of it. Taz and Rypsynique show off their skill for doing cart-wheels and spin their way around the yard.

It's already lunchtime! And the group makes a circle on the lawn enjoying various snacks and conversations. The great thing about being naked while eating is that you can consume juicy fruits without worrying about dribbling juices. In fact one small group lets watermelon and other fruit juices flow all over their bodies as they indulge.

Next up, water balloon fight! Opposing teams toss water-filled balloons to each other until some drop the balloons soaking themselves in water and having to drop out themselves. The day is getting very warm so this bit of fun is very inviting. In fact soon a real water fight breaks out complete with spraying cold water hoses and water guns.

Time for the hot tub! The warmth is ever so inviting - an appreciated interlude for tired naked bodies.

Then a big surprise! From behind the shed we brought out a trampoline! Everyone had to try out their bouncing skills. A person walking down the street would have been surprised to see nude bodies bouncing up into the air above the fence!

Some hoola hoops are discovered and a craze begins to see who is the best hoola hooper. The results are surprising!

Time for a final hot tub soak before rolling the credits on this little video.

nudists head for the hot tub

naked yoga in the back yard
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naked yoga on the lawn
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bare hoola hooping party
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naked water fight backyard

Backyard Bash

Backyard Bash