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Naked Club Support and Information

If you have any kind of problem or question please contact me right away at nomad@naked-club.org. But please first read everything below.

   - Nomad (webmaster and event organizer)
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What makes the Naked Club website unique and special?

The images and videos are among the best visual materials of the nudist world because we create special situations in beautiful locations and have multiple photographers shooting at the same time. This creates a unique and dynamic viewpoint that involves you in the action and experience.

How is this website organized?

Each event or outing we go on has it's own bubble entry with the photos organized in a series of easy-to-view galleries. Videos of the same event may appear on the same page or, if there are many of them, they will have their own event bubble. Each video segment is about 5 minutes long for ease of loading and viewing A direct download link is offered. We also offer full-length movies of most of the events which are sold separately through Vimeo VOD. The movies are higher quality and offer the advantage of continuous viewing.

How good are the website membership videos?

The 5-minute clip versions on the website are very good, 1024 × 576, almost as good as broadcast HD but faster loading. They are standard h.264 mpeg4 encoded and are presented on a flash-style player that has tested well on most platforms including ipad and other mobil devices. You can choose to view the video full-screen. To download a video clip to your hard-drive, left-click (PC) or option-click (MAC) on the "DL" bubble and you will get a save menu.

How often are updates?

I am working very hard to ensure there is at least 1 update per week, Tuesdays. Membership is currently priced to account for this. At the moment I have two part-time assistants who help with photo sorting and video editing, Once the membership revenue gets up to a certain level we should be able to output more galleries. The website is currently presenting about 50% of everything we have already shot. It is just a matter of correcting and sorting all the photos and editing the videos, a very time-consuming process! And we continue to shoot more every year. So you can rest assured that we will always have plenty of amazing experiences to share with you.

   - Nomad