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The Naked Club and the PhotoNaturals Project have a clear philosophy with everything we do, essentially in line with "Naturism". But we also have our own guidelines for organization and participation; usually everyone must be 18 years of age or older, many events seek a gender balance, and we are never sexual in our actions or photography. Overall we accept everyone to participate, though some small projects arise out of specific individuals and friends working together creatively.
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Mission Statement

There are 2 parts to our mission statement:

A - To create opportunities for self-actualization through body-freedom; to set up times and places, where adults can participate and socialize in group activites, events, outings and workshops while practicing a clothes-free approach to living.

B - To create a body of visual work that expresses body-freedom to the world in a way that is positive, inviting and reassuring. This is mainly in the form of photographs and video presentations that depict our experiences in a clear and realistic manner.

The PhotoNaturals Project and the Naked Club were formed to give visual expression to the idea that freedom of the human spirit begins with the freedom of the body and free acceptance amoung diverse people. Being clothes-free is the first step to breaking down barriers at deeper psycological and spiritual levels. This website aims to involve the viewer of the images in the experience of social nudity and being enjoyably naked in natural environments and so, perhaps taking one step closer to actually getting the viewer to participate in nudism and naturism. The Project has created a real group of active and dedicated Naked Club members who regularily get together to practice this unique form of social bonding and path to enlightenment.

The ultimate goal of human life is to create a society and environment that is nurturing and sustainable worldwide. For individuals to be able to live lives where they can seek personal growth and wisdom there must be widespread peace and harmony. This is only possible when people recognize and accept each other's diversity on many levels: beliefs, interests, appearance, gender, race...

Conflicts arise out of situations of dominant self-interest, inflexible thinking, irrational hatred and acts of aggression. The human race seems to have a long way to go before it can transcend these stumbling blocks to evolving to a higher level of peaceful co-existence between all peoples.

The issue of acceptance of the nude human body in society may seem trivial when compared to pressing social and political issues resulting in genuine suffering. But think of this acceptance or non-acceptance as a barometer indicating something about the soul of a society; how evolved can it really be when the prevailing notion is that the human body must be hidden from view at all times, that the nude is some kind of obscence form of sexual expression?

Thoughtful and inquisitve people everywhere have always instinctually known about the normalcy of being without clothing in many situations. Clothing primarily serves a temperature protective function - humans seem to be naturally equipped for a tropical climate. At some point in our history clothing and other items became ornamental, perhaps even before layers of protection were required. This lead to ornamentation and clothing being a way to express status, power, tribal designation. To this day clothes function as a way to express how you position yourself in relation to other people and is really always a lie in the sense that you are creating a persona that is not the true you. Are you "the businessman"? How about "the sexy chick"? Or, "the biker dude", "the intellectual", "the musician", "the earthy hippy girl"... These ways of presenting yourself can be all uniforms of a sort that create a barrier not unlike the dehumanizing barrier between police officer and civilian as defined by clothing.

Who is the true you? Do you even know?

Your clothes-free time at Naked Club events is your opportunity to stretch or release your boundries and to grow as a human being. When you remove your clothes you are taking a first step to enter a new world. Note how you feel at first. Do you feel "naked"? Do you feel "exposed" to the world, or are you glowing outwards, extending your energy to greet and invite? This is your first lesson.

If you have arrived at this website only with the intention of viewing the visuals, you are very welcome to do so. We only ask that you make an effort to transcend your usual reason for wanting to "view naked people". Try to participate with us in your imagination. Try not to sit on the outside, looking in. Think about what it would be like to be there with us. Perhaps one day you and your freinds could join us or create your own Naked Club adventure.