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This website is in the process of transforming into a resource to help people all over the world participate in Naturist and other nude events and places in a harmonious social setting that is not sexually themed. If you follow the "social pages" link above you will see that the newer part of our website looks different. As we add more features, eventually the whole website will be integrated. There are lots of new exciting resources coming!
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1. Join us at an Event or Trip!

Nomad's group is periodically active in two areas: California Greater Bay Area and the Toronto, Canada area. We also associate with and cross-promote other groups in these areas. If you wish to participate in the events we organize ourselves, best thing to do is create a profile here. The process is a bit involved but we would have to go through something similar anyway before you are ready to join in. Please create a login and a complete profile. You can also email:

Nomad's email: nomad.nakedclub@gmail.com

2. Go to Other Events and Places!

There are literally thousands of places and around the world, both public and private, where you can visit and practice clothes-free socializing and recreation. We are in the process of compiling information for our database with the intention of covering the world! If you know of an event or place we have not listed yet, you can list it yourself. Or you can let us know about it.

3. Join or Create Groups anywhere in the World!

Nomad and his programmers are hard at work creating the "Pods" section of the website where you can join groups and organizations and participate in their activities. You will also be able to create your own Pod! If the Pods section does not load yet, it will soon! At the time of writing this, we are about 2 weeks from going live.

4. Participate in Nomad's PhotoNaturals Project

Periodically we organize small group photo outings into nature and we are always looking for more participants. Often we provide a small payment plus lunch on the day. We choose each set of people on the basis of a compatible yet diverse combination of individuals and couples. Being energetic and active is important. We try to maintain gender balance - historically 99% of applicants have been single males, so guys, please, if you really want to be part of this find a female "buddy" to apply and participate with you. There is a dedicated website for this project:


5. Make a Profile here

Nomad and his programmers are hard at work creating the new Naked Club website which will become a resource for finding and participating in opportunities for clothesfree recreation and expression throughout the world. You'll be able to find people, groups, and places near you or in some other area and hook up with them. Good security for personal info is being built in plus ways of building confidence in the authenticity of the people you meet.

Go to member.naked-club.org
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