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Skipping Class to go Skinny Dipping

28 minutes - HD video
UC Berkeley students take a day off classes to motorboat up the Sacramento River in search of skinny-dipping heaven. They leap into the refreshing water. Finding a private beach they play in the sand and smear clay on their bodies. Well worth missing the classes skipped out on.

On-camera: Taz, Granite, Maria, Gimp, Oosha, Martini
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Skipping Class to go Skinny Dipping      28 minutes - HD video
A free-body day on the Sacramento River

Here we are in the yard of a student residence in Berkeley California where these friends are getting ready for today's trip to the Sacramento River delta. The philosophy of this dorm is organic vegetarian food, conserving resources, recycling, using natural materials, and... not wearing clothes as much as possible.

This morning Maria is standing on a giant mushroom hula-hooping, wearing only a light kimono, while the others gather around and shed any remaining clothes to apply full-body sunscreen. Before leaving for the day, the camera follows them though their kitchen area as they gather snacks for the trip. Taz cranks up the music and they start to dance, overflowing with energy in anticipation of the day ahead.

We are on the street now and Maria wants to show everyone her van which she has made into a living space. She drops her kimono and crawls naked into the back of her van for a photo of her in her private little boudoir.

We have arrived at the marina and we now see that their friend Oosha has joined them. Martini and his boat are waiting for us. We pile on board and soon are racing out into open water. A few minutes later Oosha shouts out "naked time!" and starts peeling away the layers. Soon everyone is nude and feeling the refreshing breeze from the speed of the boat.

Martini knows his way around and guides the boat through various channels until we get to a quiet secluded spot in the maze of waterways. Already it is a hot day and the refreshing water is inviting. Everyone leaps in, Maria taking a waterproof camera with her. It doesn't take long before they play "chicken fight", Maria on Oosha's shoulders and Taz on Gimp's shoulders.

Back on the boat we rest, have a snack and soak up the sun. Granite shows off his hula-hooping skills. Martini has a little trouble starting the engine, but soon we are again racing across this amazing body of water in search of new adventures.

And we arrive at a small deserted sandy beach! We get off the boat and explore the beach but quickly head back into the water. Now it's really play time. Splashing, jumping, falling, cartwheels. They're like a litter of puppies - nonstop energy.

What's this? A clay deposit just under the shallow water! Of course we now have to smear clay all over our bodies. How much fun is that? It's a wonderfully sensual feeling, having others rub wet clay all over your body. Then, when it starts to dry it takes on a color and texture like rock. "We are Rock People", exclaims Gimp.

Now it's time to wash it all off. And moment later the group is running joyously down the beach jumping and dancing as they go.

The fields above the beach are beckoning. There is no sign of habitation or roads, though wind turbines spin on the distant hills. Walking through tall grasses is irresistible as your body is carressed from all sides.

Sadly it is time to get back to the boat and head home. But there is a glitch! The battery is dead and the boat will not start. So for a time we are stranded, waiting for an emergency boat to find us and help us get home. What an adventure!

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Skipping Class to go Skinny Dipping

Skipping Class to go Skinny Dipping