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First Time Nudists

35 minutes - HD video
Rypsynique takes two girlfriends to the beach. Little do they know it is a nude beach and it takes more than just a little coaxing to get them to shed their clothing. Before long they embrace the freedom and joy of being naked in nature even if it means facing the cold surf of the Pacific Ocean.

On-camera: Rypsynique, Ariel, Maebh, Kiki
bubbles with nudists
First Time Nudists      35 minutes - HD video
Three girlfriends visit Black Sands Beach
Bonus: Additional video of Kiki shooting stills with the 3 women
      15 minutes

Black Sands Beach, on the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco, has a history of nudist use for decades. The sand really is quite dark and so gets very hot on bare feet. On the other hand, the ocean is always very cold. But not so cold that brave souls cannot enjoy a brisk plunge.

When these three girlfriends arrive on the beach Rypsynique starts to shed her clothing before they find a spot to settle down. She can't wait! Soon she is running naked up and down the beach at the water's edge, boundless energy and spirit exploding from her. Her clothed friends can't believe what they are seeing and seem tired from the long walk to the end of the beach as they dump their bags and the clothes Rypsynique scattered around as she undressed.

Ariel and Maebh will have to change into their bathing suites though, which means being naked momentarily. This is Rypsynique's chance to have some fun. Before Maebh can get her bikini on, Rypsynique grabs it and runs down the beach. Maebh takes chase. Finally, she is resigned to be naked as well, leaving Ariel to watch them with amusement as they play the water's end. She shoots some photos with her camera. Finally Ariel shrugs off her fears and joins them.

The three women challenge the power of the ocean only to be drenched by the cold crashing surf.

Time to explore some of the volcanic topography at the end of the beach. The jagged boulders do not discourage them as they climb higher and they imagine themselves to be birds... "nudist birds"...

They return to their towels where they reapply sunscreen and take a little rest, relaxing while they take in the sun.

But restlessness calls and soon the group is going for a stroll down the beach, as if to claim it all as a nudist beach.

On return they have some snacks then get ready to leave. But not before checking out the photos Ariel shot earlier.

beautiful scenery

dancing on the beach
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she throws off her clothes
why are they still wearing clothes?
help her take her top off
she runs away with her bikini
She's leaving her clothes behind
it just looks like so much fun!
now it is a nude beach
the pacific ocean is cold
soft bodies hard rocks
getting close to mother earth

First Time Nudists

First Time Nudists