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River Dippers

40 minutes - HD video
The refreshing waters of the San Lorenzo River greet our nature lovers on this beautiful afternoon. Lyrical guitar strumming echoes amongst the tall redwoods. Brave souls plunge into the rushing cold water. In the evening, breathtaking fire spinning performances on the small beach.

On-camera: Osiris, restless Owl, Heide, Cisco, Isobel, Dionysus, Fushia, PoiToi, Johnny Prophet, Wynd, Jenni, Crissy, Brett, Apollo, Polly, Gen, Cheryl
bubbles with nudists
River Dippers      40 minutes - HD video
Playing with Water and Fire

After parking our cars at the roadside, our group heads down the Rincon Trail into the valley, winding our way through the redwoods. As we hike, Gen tells RestlessOwl about her plans to have a naked peace parade in Ashland, Oregon.

We reach a section of river where there is a nice beach at the riverbank. After waiting for a few clothed visitors to leave, the group begins to shed their clothes and explore the rushing waters of the upper river. Large rocks make good stepping stones. This is a good sunny spot as friends cool off half in and half out of the water.

Cisco strums his guitar in the background setting the mood for a layed-back hangout while water rushes around everyone's feet. Some cool photo-ops spring up spontaneously as playfulness rules.

Nomad then gets everyone to head over the the small beach where we shoot a group photo, staring straight into the late afternoon sun.

Here the river pools into a perfect bathing spot. Soon our naked group has started a splashing war and the cameras duck for cover!

RestlessOwl becomes the subject of a reflective video sequence as she floats in and plays with the water. Everyone chills out for a bit taking in the sun, having a few snacks, waiting for evening to set in so that the planned fire performances could happen. Apollo starts to play a drum while Jenni and PoiToi start to warm up by spinning some flags.

Finally the warm rays of the sun disappear behind the trees and Jenni readies her props. The group assembles into an eager audience. Cisco provides guitar background music while Jenni lights her first spinning toys.

The fiery ends of her "poi" spin around making a rushing sound. Apollo and PoiToi also perform, demonstrating their own talent and style with live fire. Next, Jenni prepares her giant flaming hoola hoop, lighting all 14 flares. What an amazing sight so see all that hot fire spinning around her nude body.

The fire sounds like a jet engine as she spins and the flames narrowly miss the video camera. It is amazing the variety of movements she can execute just gyrating her hips. She shouts, "Naked Fire Hoop!". She finishes with some fire eating.

As the sky darkens, the performances continue until we run out of fuel and almost out of light. The tired group gets dressed and heads back up the trail.

flaming hoola hoop spins around a nude performer

nudists play music while watching performance
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skinnydipping in the river
playing guitar naked in the valley
nudists in the river splash each other
fire performer lights her own breast on fire
poi fire spinner by the river
naked club starting the day
kicking the water to splash a friend
the setting sun highlights her body
nkaed people relaxing on the beach
at the edge of the river

River Dippers

River Dippers